Saturday, 2 March 2013

16. A roller-coster tour

I'd say the last couple of days have had the highest highs and the lowest lows of the journey so far. I am writing this at about 6am on Sat having had a very broken sleep caused by feelings of extreme nausea. Eventually I vomited at around 4am bringing up 550ml of liquid (they measure it :-)). Prior to this I had had a decent day, but my Stoma had not produced very much for about 36hrs. It seems that yesterday my gut decided to shut down and everything I have eaten and drunk backed up with nowhere else to go but up! The very worst part of this was the pain in my abdominal wound as the muscles spasmed during the vomiting reflex; I can categorically say this is the sorest pain I have ever experienced, it felt my wound was being ripped open.

But it has not all been bad in the last 3 days; Thursday was an extremely good day for me. I had lots of energy, the Stoma was working well and my fluid balance was recorded to be perfect (I.e. intake=output). This was easily my best day since coming in to hospital.

At some point ill get some pictures of the Stoma up on the blog, but I'll wait until I'm a little less spaced out on oxycodone.

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