Thursday, 28 February 2013

15. Medications anyone?

I'm feeling very well this morning, the best morning since I was admitted 8 days ago. I have energy and a spring in my step; I am certain things are going the right way now.

Over the last few days I've been reliant on several pain killers, and my "on-demand" pump has been tweaked so that I can generally manage the pain myself. With medications in mind and for a laugh, I've decided to provide you with the following list, which names all drugs I have been given over the last 8 days. Here we go (there may be some spelling errors):

1). Amoxicillin
2). Bentamuin
3). Ketamine
4). Metronazole
5). Paracetamol
6). Droperidol
7). Dexamethane
8). Mini Heparin
9). Tramadol
10). Morphine
11). Tazocin
12). Clonidine
13). Dalteparin
14). Hydrocortisone
15). Ondansetron
16). Ibuprofen
17). Cyclizine
18). Chlorophenaline
19). Peptac
20). Fortisip
21). Prednisolone
22). Lansoprazole
23). Fentanyl
24). Oxycodone
25). Buscopan

I'll add to this over the coming days if there are any more! My next task is to work out what all of these are used for!

Til next time, Dave.


  1. You need a BNF (British National Formulary). It's a book that has all the licenced drugs in the UK in. Tells you what they do, doses used' contra-indications, and how they work. You can access it online or ask one of the nurses for a copy. Happy reading!

  2. Thanks Kate, I also found the MedScape app for iPhone which has all this info too! Great resource.


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