Tuesday, 19 February 2013

11. A very quick update pre-surgery

This is just a very quick update.

I am in ward 23 at the Western General overnight. I just met the surgeon and anesthetist and signed the consent form. I asked a few questions and I'll summarize the answers:

If all goes well in terms of carrying out the surgery by key-hole then I should only have minimal pain tomorrow, however I will have pain relief "on-tap".

I can have visitors tomorrow night but I'd ask that it's only immediate family, even then don't feel obliged to come in.

Tomorrow I may be in "high-dependency", which has actually been sold to me as a good thing since there is a higher nurse:patient ratio.

I can expect to eat a meal tomorrow night, but according to the surgeon "probably not hospital steak and chips", which would most likely be horse anyway so I'm not too bothered...

My scarring is expected to be minimal and I can be hopeful of a strong recovery since I'm feeling well right now.

Finally, just a massive thank-you for all the cards and messages today, it has been quite overwhelming but lovely.

See you on the other side.

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