Sunday, 24 February 2013

13. There was an untruth in the last post.

When I quoted the surgeon on Wed as having said "it couldn't have gone any better", well in hindsight this should probably have read "we think it went as well as can be expected, but there is a chance you have a hernia already..." Which would have at least to some degree prepared me for the events that have transpired over the last few days.

Firstly thanks to my immediate family and friends who have supported me through my 2nd (emergency) operation which happened yesterday. I will not go into the great detail here, but in summary, it turned out the blood supply to my first Stoma was restricted and it was much darker (purple) than expected. This was caused by a herniated section of small intestine which had kinked like when one folds a hosepipe to cut off the flow. The upshot was that, when the gut got back into action, it would only pass after significant pressure build up. This has made the 3 days since surgery absolute agony, nearly unbearable at times. My mum said that I probably know the type of pain women have in childbirth! I'll not disagree with that assessment.

Hopefully, the 2nd surgery procedure has been successful, and the new Stoma looks nice and pink.

Thanks again,


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